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X.on EEG headset

About X.on

X.on is a new EEG headset where the intersection of quality and usability meet.

product development

Developed by Brain Products’ team of experts

The sleek and mimimalistic device was developed by Brain Products’ team of experts, who have been successfully providing research-grade neurophysiology solutions for more than 25 years.

Finger pointing to measured EEG signals in LSL Viewer on a laptop.

High quality EEG signals

To deliver high quality EEG signals and an impeccable user experience, X.on combines saltwater sponge-based electrodes on the outside and high-grade electronics on the inside.

EEG headset and and X.on smartphone app

Quick and easy access to brain signals

The X.on smartphone app allows anyone to access brain signals quickly and easily. Put it on, switch it on, get your phone and dive into the beautiful traces your brain draws or access the signal from the network stream that is available instantaneously.

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Application Fields and Use Cases

Typical applications for which the X.on headset is a great match:


Education, Teaching, Pilot Testing

Teach the basics of EEG preparation, brain-based electrophysiology, signal acquisition and signal processing.

Test your pipelines or check if your experiment is working as planned, in a super convenient way.


Neuromarketing, Consumer & UX/UI Testing,
Biofeedback & Industrial Research

Record and analyze brain data in real-world settings to understand how people respond to different marketing strategies or product placements and designs. Use their brain responses to get further insight into their motivations, preferences, decisions and more!

Look at brainwaves at specific electrode channels and get an indication of a person’s meditative state, attentional state, or level of relaxation.


Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI),
Gaming and extended Reality (AR, VR)

Let your brain control a device, make music or paint.

Integrate brain data into your favorite online game and enhance the experience.

Why X.on

To make EEG accessible to anyone curious about the human brain, we are offering X.on as a solution that makes collecting brain data simple and straightforward without compromising signal quality.



Quick and easy hardware setup; intuitive control via Android™ App; no EEG know-how required.

Signal Quality

Signal Quality

Good and reliable EEG data; certified by Brain Products.

Data Access

Data Access

Allows you to exit the black box and process your raw data offline or online via LabStreamingLayer (LSL).



Sleek but robust, thus combining functionality with aesthetics.



No worries if you are new to the EEG field or lacking grant money. The X.on set is available for 2499€ (excl. shipping, tax and customs) and includes everything you need to get started right away.



Do you need several devices deployed in the field (i.e., for education or teaching purposes)? Or maybe you need a “take home” solution to collect data outside of the lab? X.on gives you all the flexibility you can imagine in terms of experimental design, recording population, and more.

X.on EEG headset circuit board

Features and Tech Specs


Electrode technology

Passive, sponge-based

EEG channels

7 (F3, F4, C3, Cz, C4, P3, P4) + GND/REF (ear clip)

AUX channels



One size fits all (adolescents through adults)
Size range: 52 – 60 cm head circumference

Weight [g]


Data transmission

Bluetooth® Low Energy (Version 5)

Amplifier sampling rate [Hz]


A/D conversion [bit]

16 or 24*

Input range [mVpp]

+/-9.76 (Bluetooth® LE; 16 bit),

+/-312.5 (Bluetooth® 5 LE; 24 bit)

Input impedance [GΩ]




Bandwidth [Hz]

0.1 to 131


up to 5 h operation;

charging via USB micro connector

*limited to max 250 Hz and 16 bit if Smartphone Bluetooth® < 4.2


Smartphone App

Android™ v8 or higher


Impedance check, data monitoring, data saving, streaming to LSL, test signal

Additional phone sensors

Yes; e.g., ambient light, barometric pressure, gyroscope, location (GPS)

Data storage

BVCDF (.eeg, .vhdr, .vmkr) on smartphone

XDF on computer with LabStreamingLayer (LSL)

Raw data access

Offline from memory card

Online via LSL (from smartphone)

Support and FAQ


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What‘s in the box?

The X.on set contains all you need to get started right away. Besides the headset itself, the smartphone app, a user manual, it also includes accessories and replacement sponges. Click here for more!

How do I prepare the headset?

Preparing the headset is quick and easy. Click here for our tutorial video!

How do I prepare the electrodes?

Preparing the electrodes requires only 3 steps: Soaking the sponges in an electrolyte solution, placing the sponges in the electrode holders, and attaching them to the headset. Click here for our tutorial video!

How do I install the smartphone app?

X.on comes with a handy smartphone app for Android™ that is provided as an .apk file. Detailed instructions on the installation process are available in the X.on User Manual.

How do I don the X.on?

Donning the headset is even easier than putting on a bicycle helmet. Click here to see how it’s done!

How can I optimize the fit of the headset?

To optimize the EEG headset’s fit you can adjust the strap on the forehead and the orientation of the sponges. Click here to see how it’s done!

How can I improve impedances?

To lower impedances, add a drop of the electrolyte solution to the sponges using the pipette included in the X.on set. Click here to see how it’s done!

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